jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Tests Anytone AT-588UV par PD0AC

Après avoir passé au banc le Wouxun KG UV 920R, PD0AC renouvelle ses expériences mais cette fois-ci avec un autre bi-bande chinois, l'Anytone AT-588UV...

"After reviewing Wouxun’s mobile transceiver, which still needed some work, all attention shifted towards the Anytone AT-588UV (now changed to AT-5888UV). I’m not the first to express my feelings about this rig, nor will I be the last. I took my time to review this mobile radio, as early reports contradict each other in almost every respect. When opinions vary from ‘Piece of junk’ to ‘Best radio ever’, I tread more carefully than usual... "suite

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